About Us
Matdan Corporation was founded in 1992 with the mission of designing and manufacturing fasteners and custom hardware of the highest quality. With this commitment to quality driving company policy, Matdan has become a recognized leader in fastening technology across many industries including the Aerospace market. Matdan currently operates manufacturing plants in both the U.S.A and China to serve its global customer base.

In 2010, Matdan Corporation earned its AS9100 certification. As a customer driven company, Matdan Aerospace Corporation was established to better serve the aerospace market. Located in the aerospace hub of Cincinnati, Matdan has easy access to world class aerospace suppliers, employees, and resources who have the experience to meet the rigorous quality standards in our products. Matdan Aerospace leverages Matdan's expertise in designing and building large tooling packages for our own equipment as well as prototype/short run capabilities. Matdan Aerospace specializes in commercial and aeroderivitive engine test and MRO hardware, parts, and equipment. Matdan is pleased to offer products made under the license from General Electric Company, U.S.A. We look forward to finding innovative solutions by supplying quality, on-time, and cost effective aerospace products.